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A Theory on Cheating

A conversation on Twitter got me thinking the other day…If you cheat on an exam paper, what are the chances you’ll cheat on your spouse/partner in the future? Is there any relationship between the two or are they completely separate things?

I think the relationship exists. But degrees of it vary. I’m not saying the more you cheat on exams and in college or school, the more likely you’ll cheat on your partner or spouse. But what if there is a connection? Although I can see how easy it is to dismiss the possible relationship between cheating during studies and cheating on a partner. But , it’s not something that should be easily dismissed I think. 

Few of us can honestly say we’ve never cheated or plagiarized during our school or college years, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Sooner or later, some of us realize cheating in school or college is wrong and stop doing it. Others stop once caught doing it and get in trouble for it. Yet, some don’t stop at all. Some keep cheating, and because they don’t get caught in school or college, they take it into their working life.

So far, it seems, to me that 4 different groups exist of those that cheat. 1. Those that cheat in school, but stop as they realise it’s wrong. 2. Those that cheat in school, but get caught and realise it’s wrong. 3. Those that cheat at school and throughout university and get caught, yet still do it even though they know it’s not okay to do. 4. those that cheat, but don’t get caught and don’t really care if it’s wrong or not.There may be more groups, like those that cheat at school/uni may not necessarily  go on to cheat in

Question would be, where do the ones that cheat on spouses/partners come in?

I’m not a psychology major, although I would love to do that as a major some day as I thoroughly enjoyed the psychology unit I took as part of my undergraduate study. I can’t help wondering if the relationship between cheating in school and cheating on partners is there somewhere. Somewhere amongst the last bunch of folks I described. You know, the cheaters who don’t get caught at school or college, and go on to cheat on the job.

Where does one draw the line on cheating on the job (you know, taking credit for someone else’s work) and cheating on a spouse? Definitely something worth researching and looking into. 

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